Can I Clear MHT CET without Joining Coaching Class?

Most of the aspirants come across this question. It’s natural! While a good number of students opt for coaching classes to clear MHT CET, there are also those who prefer studying on their own for different reasons.

In this article we will list down the different advantages and disadvantages of joining coaching classes for MHT CET preparation. Read more

Relax! You Are In The Midst Of Your NEET Preparation

If you read about high-level performers like sportsmen, actors, or dancers, you will find one thing common in them when they are preparing for their big live-on-stage performance. They all feel like they have butterflies in their stomach. But in spite of it, they manage to relax. Read more

Tips to Balance between Board and NEET 2017 Preparation

If you are in a dilemma as to whether you should be preparing for your 12th standard board exams or get immersed in your NEET 2017 Preparation, then you are not alone. You are among those lakhs of students who appear every year to get that coveted seat in a reputed medical college. But of course, seats are limited. If you miss out on these limited seats, you still need to have decent marks in your 12th standard so that you may get admission in an academic course. Else, you’ll be left with the prospect of having to spend a whole year preparing for the entrance tests for the following year. A silver lining in this otherwise dark scenario is the fact that during your NEET 2017 Preparation, you can also make provisions for preparation for board exams. Read more

How, When, And Where To Start Preparation for MHT CET?

The ideal time to start your preparation for MHT CET varies from student to student. But it’s a good idea to brush through the topics or take mock MCQ tests based on MHT CET pattern early on. As soon as you start your 11th standard, go through the study modules for MHT CET and check out the topics.

You can devote 3-4 hours a week to understanding the way the questions are asked, or to check where you stand with respect to fundamentals, concepts, and time management while solving the questions. Read more


Do you have nightmares about forgetting everything right in the middle of the MHT CET examination? If yes, you are not alone! Many students face the issue of not being able to recall mathematical formulas, chemical equations, physics derivations and other important pieces of information they learnt thoroughly while studying.

It is simple to understand that human brain works by replicating things, when we command it to recall memories. To ensure that your brain functions that way, here are some memory retention ideas that must be consolidated with MHT CET preparation tips. Read more

NEET 2017: Know the things to do before, on, during and after the exam

A lot have already been written about time management tips on the web. While a lot of sites have spoken about how to manage time on the exam day, rarely anybody has mentioned about the tips to be followed before and during the exam. In this article we will tell you just that! Read on to know what to do before the exam, how to manage time for NEET 2017 during the exam, things to do after the exam. Read more

5 NEET Myths that divert aspirants from the track

Every year more than 8 lakh candidates register for medical entrance examination like NEET. While the number of registration looks huge, a lot of candidates back out from the exam. The reason being the various myths and stories occupying their minds. Below are the common NEET myths that hinders the mind of several medical and other competitive exam aspirants.   Read more

Complete NEET 2017 Eligibility Criteria – Am I Eligible?

Knowing the NEET 2017 Eligibility Criteria before filling the application form is important. It tells you whether or not you are eligible for this exam. Only those candidates are allowed to appear in the medical entrance exam who fulfills the eligibility criteria of NEET 2017.   Read more

Crack NEET without Coaching – Is it possible?

A lot of students have this question on their mind during NEET preparation. While the answer to this question is subjective and may vary from person to person, we have created this post to address your query.

Most of the parents prefer enrolling their children for an expensive coaching classes so that they can clear this highly competitive medical entrance exam.  Always remember, the capability of a coaching class can’t be counted in terms of money; rather it can be measured in terms of its quality of teaching. The fee of the tuition classes has nothing to do with the success in the exam, but the amount of dedication a teacher puts while teaching matters the most. Read more

Know How to Make Revision Notes for MHT CET 2017

While cracking MHT CET or any entrance exam is tough, it is definitely not impossible. One can use the difficult areas in a smart way to their advantage for the desired output. How?

For instance, if you are facing any problem with a particular chapter or topic of MHT CET, don’t leave it! Try to break that topic into smaller chunks and create revision notes. Breaking a bigger chapter into pointers will make your task much easy. Read more