Parental support during exams – How important it is?

Like the agonies of exams aren’t enough, our folks can add to the pressure by 100. Don’t you agree students? Maharashtra, India, will conduct Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test- MHT CET exams on 5th May 2016 for medical, engineering and pharmacy aspirants. Don’t forget to download the upcoming Free StudMonk Android Application, easiest way to prepare for entrance exams. Parental support during exams is very important. So, parents, here is a guide that you must abide by when your beloved child has an exam.  Read more


Kick-Ass Stress Busting Exercises for Students

Students are burdened with oodles of pressure, both mental and physical. Young students may have their playtime, but that is not enough. They carry a heavy school bag that strains their back and has long-lasting effects. Learners of all age-groups must indulge in stress busting exercises which provide relaxation, rejuvenation and therefore, gumption to work harder. Read more