Medical Career options in India

Medicine is serious business. I don’t mean that in terms of moolah (though it has the big bucks). One has to be careful and caring at all times with patients. With our unruly lifestyles, there will always be a demand for good doctors. Cinema is fairly fond of them, so is the small screen. From the famous Hindustani ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ to ‘Sanjivani’ and videshi ‘Patch Adams’ to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. If you fancy the world of medicine, here are the major medical career options from universally recognised medical systems to alternative medical systems. Read more


Role of Technology in a Student’s Life

Young blood of the 21st century is smitten and obsessed with technology. They use it in all ways possible, social networking being on the top of the list. Research suggests that even toddlers are tech lovers. The most technologically challenged people too, find it mandatory to use the same in day-to-day life.  Face it, don’t you like it when you ask a question to Siri and there, in a matter of seconds you have an answer. Read more


Things to Carry for an Exam

With various major entrance examinations like MHT CET/NEET and State Board examinations coming up in Maharashtra, India, the involuntary pressure and tension of last minute studies can make students nervous and absent-minded.

Fret not!

We have taken the liberty to make a short list of the things to be carried to the examination centre of board exams and entrance exams like MHT CET/NEET.

Entrance Examination

                         Things to carry for an Entrance Examination

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