List of Cancelled Medical Exams in India

The Supreme Court of India in the Writ Petition (C) No(s).261/2016 on 6th MAY 2016 declared that “no examination shall be permitted to be held for admission to MBBS or BDS studies by any private college or association or any private/deemed university”. Because of this, students are encircled with chaos about which medical entrance exams exactly have been scrapped. Read more

Top 10 NEET 2016 FAQ

With the drama caused by National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2016, several questions will arise in the minds of students. NEET 2016 was earlier this year announced as mandatory for medical aspirants by the Supreme Court of India, thereby, putting the credibility and validity of Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) 2016 in doubt. Read more


MHT CET 2016 Validity for Medical in Doubt!

Multiple medical colleges will soon conduct their own entrance exams. But one question still remains; will the Apex Court of India green light the validity of Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test -MHT CET 2016 for medicos? It is anybody’s guess. Read more


MHT CET vs NEET 2016

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for medical aspirants was recently conducted on 1st May 2016 and wreaked havoc. The state level Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) will be held as scheduled on 5th May 2016 for future engineering, medical and pharmacy students. NEET is being made mandatory by the Supreme Court of India for medical aspirants in India. Below are key pointers for MHT CET vs NEET 2016. Read more


Pre-Medical Test, NEET, Was Difficult!

The medical entrance examination, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), was declared as very tough by multiple state board students and their parents on 1st May 2016. They claimed that the questions were asked from STD 11 syllabus, but they were prepared for STD 12 syllabus. NEET was conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). NEET Phase 2 2016 will be held on 24th July 2016. Read more

Last 15 days study plan for MHT CET

Just in a couple of weeks, MHT CET, a state level entrance examination that is of utmost importance for engineering, medical and pharmacy aspirants will be conducted across Maharashtra. It is a ticket that will eventually fulfill their professional dreams. But exams can be frightening to a few, so with your hand on your heart say to yourself all is well, all is well. Read more

All about MBBS: Qualification, Career, Growth Opportunities

When a person falls sick, the first kind of doctor they visit is a family physician, generally a person with a MBBS degree. Most of the times, these doctors become family friends due to the most important factor in a patient and doctor relationship, trust. So, we met with one such person, Dr. Ritika Harjani, MD (Biology Topper MH CET 2005) to answer your questions.  Read more

Important MHT CET Mathematics Chapters

A lot of us have dreaded one particular subject in school/college, mathematics (I know I did). But students appearing for the MHT CET exam sure have a strong base in the subject. Having said that, our in-house mathematics experts want to help you out by shedding light on some major chapters that must be practised thoroughly. Read more

Important MHT CET Chemistry Chapters

Early to bed, early to rise, get on with the entrance revision or pay the price. With every decreasing day towards 5th May 2016, students are desperately looking for question paper ‘importance’. From solving all sets of question papers of the previous years to picking the major chapters, it sure must feel chaotic. But keeping calm is essential and our in-house chemistry experts will help you with Important MHT CET Chemistry Chapters. Read more

Important MHT CET Physics Chapters

Under a month left for the upcoming Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test- MHT CET 2016. It’s the time of year when engineering, medical and pharmacy students lookup for important chapters and repetitive questions. Our in-house Physics experts are here you help you out with Important MHT CET Physics Chapters. Read more