How to Take Breaks Between NEET Revision/Practise?

While preparing for NEET, it is very important to manage time. Too much studying often leads to mental fatigue, while less study can lead to poor preparation. Keeping a balance between the two is very important to have a healthy state of mind. This makes ‘breaks’ an essential part of your study schedule. Short timely breaks definitely improve effectiveness.

StudMonk experts suggest a few important NEET preparation tips that will keep you stay calm, relaxed and fresh during studies. Read more

How to Improve Your Final Results for NEET?

Before the final examination, students are usually exposed to a lot of fears and hindrances. Especially when it comes to competitive examinations like NEET, there are many challenges. However, students should not allow their fears to distract them or block their cognitive abilities to achieve their desired goal.

Listed below are a few sure-fire tips that can help students improve their daily performance and NEET results. Read more

Relax! You Are In The Midst Of Your NEET Preparation

If you read about high-level performers like sportsmen, actors, or dancers, you will find one thing common in them when they are preparing for their big live-on-stage performance. They all feel like they have butterflies in their stomach. But in spite of it, they manage to relax. Read more

Know the Tips to Crack NEET 2017 from NEET Topper Het Shah

Hailing from a small town in the state of Gujarat, Het Shah topped one of the toughest medical entrance exams in India – National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET UG). How did he do it? How did he get AIR 1? Was it a hard work of just a few days or months? Remember one thing, success can’t be achieved overnight; it needs smart work, dedication and the zeal to chase to achieve the desire. In this article, Het Shah shares his preparation strategies and tips to crack NEET and how to get that most coveted seat in one of top medical institutes of India. Read more


How to Do I Motivate Myself for Entrance Exam Preparation?

We all may have struggled (or still do!) with this at some point in our lives. Most students preparing for entrance exams like MHT CET, NEET, JEE, AIIMS, BITSAT or any other entrance exams complain of getting less time for preparation/revision, unable to stay motivated for longer, difficulty in concentrating and several other issues.  While these are normal symptoms during any entrance exam preparation, you should be able to get rid of it immediately to avoid getting distracted from your end goal. How to do it? Read more

Get Expert Recommended NEET 2017 Preparation Tips

NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) 2016 was conducted in two phases following the decision by Supreme Court that there need to be single medical entrance exam in India. This is because some parents and students supported the decision, while many were against the verdict passed.

While 2016 exam occurred amid controversies related to the validation of NEET, the medical aspirants can appear for NEET with fresh mind from next year, as Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha has passed a bill giving legal status to NEET. From 2017, NEET will be the only medical entrance examination in India that an aspirant need to crack to be eligible for admission to MBBS and BDS courses in any Indian medical college (except AIIMS and JIPMER).

Now that the brawl over NEET examination is sorted, students targeting NEET 2017 should start preparing for the exam sincerely. In this article, StudMonk experts provide best NEET 2017 Preparation Tips to NEET aspirants. Read more

Reasons to Choose NCERT Books for NEET Preparation

Picking the right study material, creating and following a study plan and keeping calm are the key ingredients to score well in NEET or any other entrance exam. But with so many books available in the market, picking one best out of many becomes a daunting task for students. Eventually, most aspirants end up making the wrong choice. So, what to do?

StudMonk Experts recommend choosing NCERT books for NEET Preparation because it focuses more on the basic concepts from Classes XI and XII. Strong basics are essential for clearing a tough exam like NEET. Read more

Which are the Best Reference Books for NEET 2017 Preparation?

According to Supreme Court’s decision, NEET will be the only exam that will work as an entry pass for the admission to MBBS and BDS undergraduate courses. The decision has scrapped all other private/state-level medical entrance examinations for admission.

So, now if you are planning for a career in medical field in India, you need to crack NEET Undergraduate exam with good marks. But now the question is how to prepare for NEET? Read more

Time Management Tips for NEET 2017

Are you finding it difficult to manage NEET preparation along with board studies? Running out of time for NEET? Don’t worry! This article on time management tips for NEET will help you sort the problem.

Most students find it difficult to balance between board and entrance exam preparation. The most common reason for this is lack of time management tactics. Managing time is easy, but managing it optimally is utmost important to take your NEET preparation to the next level.  A proper plan for NEET helps you manage time between study, revision, practice and breaks. It makes time allocation for these activities simple. Read more

Last Minute Preparation Tips for NEET 2017

With AIPMT/NEET 2016 nearing you must be busy revising the concepts and important NEET topics. That’s good! However in tension and anxiety we tend to forget that revision should not only comprise of revisiting books and notes. It should also include problem/paper solving. In this post StudMonk experts share with you the last minute preparation tips for NEET 2017.

The article lists down the complete preparation plan for the upcoming NEET 2017.  Read and follow the pointers religiously. Read more