How Can StudMonk Help Get My Dream Score In NEET 2017?

Every student passing his or her school aspires for a career in a professional field. So at the inception, the students need to crack the entrance exam in the respective fields they choose to enter. One such competitive exam for Medical aspirants is NEET. StudMonk app helps you get one step further in your preparations for NEET 2017.

Let us share with you the best ways you can leverage the app to score better in NEET 2017. Read more

5 Most Important Things NEET 2017 Aspirants Should Focus On In Last 4 Months

When you are preparing for NEET, time seems to run really fast. During the final phase of preparation, when only 4 months are left, it’s time to revise everything you have studied for NEET 2017. Undoubtedly, NEET is one of the toughest tests and you need to be thoroughly prepared in the final few months. Seek help and get the most out of your study schedule to secure a position with these tips. Read more

Step By Step Study Schedule for NEET Preparation

NEET preparation requires both, an organised effort and speed. The reason is obvious; only 4 months are left. This needs a rightly designed time-bound schedule.

StudMonk experts provide a customized step by step study schedule for NEET Preparation in 4 months which is sure to deliver good performance, if followed thoroughly. Read more


NEET is one of the most difficult competitive entrance examinations to crack. Students aspiring to crack an entrance examination for engineering, management or medical stream usually put in a lot of effort to score excellent marks and rank. However, that’s not the end of their work. Real work actually begins post examination.

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5 Problems Faced by Students in Preparing for Competitive Exams

Competitive exams are all about the level of competition faced. Students compete against each other to score higher ranks and secure a position in some of the top-ranking institutes. However, this competitive spirit may not have a positive effect on everyone. Whether it is JEE or NEET, or the higher secondary board examination, Indian teachers handle these tests aggressively. As a result, students start preparing for these examinations well in advance so that they can crack them in the very first attempt. However, in the race of securing a good position, they often lose the zeal and enthusiasm of being teenagers. Read more


Diet Chart for NEET & MHT CET 2017

Students preparing for MHT CET & NEET 2017 often ignore their health while preparing for these tough competitive tests. However, they fail to realize that, it is their good health which can make them prepare well and excel. Read more

Relax! You Are In The Midst Of Your NEET Preparation

If you read about high-level performers like sportsmen, actors, or dancers, you will find one thing common in them when they are preparing for their big live-on-stage performance. They all feel like they have butterflies in their stomach. But in spite of it, they manage to relax. Read more

Importance of Mobile Apps for NEET 2017 Preparation

You spend maximum time with your gadgets. Do you know that you can use your smartphone for NEET 2017 preparation as well? Read on to know how.

The Best Way to Prepare – Use Mobile Apps for NEET & MHT CET

The best way to prepare for NEET 2017 would be to go through yesteryear’s test papers of AIPMT and MHT CET. Another good option would be to attempt questions now and then to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. This is the best way to judge your level of knowledge and preparedness. If you attend tuition or coaching, it would be a great idea to test your understanding of the portion that is being taught at the classes. For example, if Cell Structure and Function is being taught in your class, it would be a good idea to attempt 10 odd questions on the same once you are through with the classes. Read more

5 NEET Myths that divert aspirants from the track

Every year more than 8 lakh candidates register for medical entrance examination like NEET. While the number of registration looks huge, a lot of candidates back out from the exam. The reason being the various myths and stories occupying their minds. Below are the common NEET myths that hinders the mind of several medical and other competitive exam aspirants.   Read more

Enter #MastiKiPatshala – A Teacher’s Day Contest by StudMonk!

Yes, we are back with another contest! This time it is to celebrate your favorite – Teacher’s Day.

Every year on September 5, we celebrate Teacher’s Day to show our love and respect towards our teachers. The essence of our contest is same, though the celebration style is little Hatke! 😉

At StudMonk, we are celebrating Teacher’s Day #MastiKiPatshala. The theme of the contest is ‘Best Dialogue You Have Ever Heard from Your Teacher.’ The dialogue can be humorous, enlightening, serious or a mix of all. Contest starts on August 24, 2016. Read more