Last One Month Study Planner for NEET 2017

With just a month left for NEET 2017, it’s time for students to gear up their revision. They must channelize their efforts in the right direction. How to do it? The answer is with a well-drafted last one month study planner for NEET.

In this blog post, we give you access to a comprehensive Last 1 month NEET 2017 Study Planner created by medical entrance exam experts in co-ordination of StudMonk Subject Matter Experts. Read on.

Study Planner for NEET 2017

Below is a complete last one month study planner for NEET that highlights week-wise important chapters one should study to crack NEET 2017 in one shot. It emphasizes on devoting 3 hours for each PCB to complete revision and practice on time.

Want to crack NEET in 1 month? Download the study plan now. It’s free!

Download NEET 2017 Study Planner

Importance of Last One month study planner for NEET

Remember, planning is essential to succeed in every work you plan to do. Having a comprehensive study plan is important as this helps candidates achieve their desired goals in the limited time frame. It reduces their exam stress because you have a well-structured plan that helps you finish your syllabus on time. Once you finish preparing before time, you get a lot of time to polish your preparation by revising and practicing.

Last One Month Study Planner for NEET

Last One Month Study Planner for NEET 2017

So, if you are targeting NEET 2017 Exam you MUST have a study planner. Below are the benefits of using a proper last one month study planner for NEET.

  • Eliminates confusion as you have a clear study plan in your hand
  • Helps define priorities in each subject (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)
  • Helps bifurcate proper time for each subject, in fact even little extra for tough areas
  • Regular studies and finishing everything on time reduce the level of stress and fear of less marks in final exam
  • One can find time for recreational activities to refresh one’s mind

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All the best for NEET Phase 2 2016

Tomorrow being the big day for you, we know you must be worried about your performance in the final exam. After all it is the question of your dream – a dream to become the best doctor of the country.

While we cannot eliminate your tension completely, we have a simple tip from someone who had been through the same emotions as you are.

Dear future doctors, please read below a small yet inspiring message from our in house team of engineering and medical exam experts.

All the best for NEET Phase 2

All the best for NEET Phase 2

Message from Team StudMonk

We know tomorrow is the D-day for all of you. Your mind may be surrounded by positives and negatives – lots of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts.’ These emotions are quite natural; even we have gone through all these and know how it feels to be there.

We would request you to hear us out for a moment today. Like all our previous blog posts and articles we are not going to give out revision tips and tricks or share mantras to crack this exam in this one. But I have something for you that can change the game tomorrow. The word is ‘Confidence.’ If you have confidence in yourself, and think you can be in one of the top medical institutes of India, your confidence will definitely make it happen.

Believe in yourself, and you could do wonders! Because as our very own Sultan (Salman Khan) says ‘’ Koi tumhe tab tak nahi hara sakta … jab tak tum khud se na haar jao!” 😉

Good luck for tomorrow! Put your best foot forward! 🙂

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