CBSE Maths Paper 2016- Tough and Lengthy?

History repeats itself. This year too, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has received major criticism on the recently conducted 12th grade mathematics examination, dated 14th March 2016, Monday. Students and parents have tagged the exam as ‘very difficult, lengthy and out of syllabus’, with immense emphasis on ‘very’ and ‘out of syllabus’. Read more

Important Details about MHT CET

Whenever we enroll for a new course or competitive exam, there are several questions in mind. Extensive research is necessary and one must clear all doubts in time. 

Below are the top five important questions or MHT CET  Queries that will come up while enrolling for the entrance examination. Read more

Parental support during exams – How important it is?

Like the agonies of exams aren’t enough, our folks can add to the pressure by 100. Don’t you agree students? Maharashtra, India, will conduct Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test- MHT CET exams on 5th May 2016 for medical, engineering and pharmacy aspirants. Don’t forget to download the upcoming Free StudMonk Android Application, easiest way to prepare for entrance exams. Parental support during exams is very important. So, parents, here is a guide that you must abide by when your beloved child has an exam.  Read more


Exam Diet- What to Eat and Drink?

You are what you eat. Hence, whether it is a classroom test or major exam, a nourishing and hearty diet is essential. Let’s cal this your exam diet. This should not be confused with heavy meals which may cause digestive problems and result in lack of concentration while studying or attempting an exam. Humans tend to forget eating right when swamped with work. It is this negative habit that leads to loss of focus, stamina and hence, overall immunity. Maharashtra, India, will conduct Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) in the near future. 

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