NEET 2017: Know the things to do before, on, during and after the exam

A lot have already been written about time management tips on the web. While a lot of sites have spoken about how to manage time on the exam day, rarely anybody has mentioned about the tips to be followed before and during the exam. In this article we will tell you just that! Read on to know what to do before the exam, how to manage time for NEET 2017 during the exam, things to do after the exam. Read more

Time Management Tips for NEET 2017

Are you finding it difficult to manage NEET preparation along with board studies? Running out of time for NEET? Don’t worry! This article on time management tips for NEET will help you sort the problem.

Most students find it difficult to balance between board and entrance exam preparation. The most common reason for this is lack of time management tactics. Managing time is easy, but managing it optimally is utmost important to take your NEET preparation to the next level.  A proper plan for NEET helps you manage time between study, revision, practice and breaks. It makes time allocation for these activities simple. Read more